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Welcome to the official online store of Squale Srl (“ or”). Access to and use of or are activities governed by these General Conditions of Use. Access to and use of this web site as well as the purchasing of products on or requires that you carefully read and accept these General Conditions of Use.

You will find full details and information for navigating on the web site of or web site, by consulting the sections of General Conditions of Sale and Escape Clause and the Privacy Policy shown on or

You will find information on ordering and dispatching procedures, on refunding and returning of products purchased on or, the registration form for registering to the web site, suggestions and other general information on services provided by or Please bear in mind that you can always contact squalestore at this e-mail address:

Squalestore may change or simply update either wholly or partly, these General Conditions of Use. Changes of and updates to the General Conditions of Use will be notified to users through a clearly visible notice in the section carrying the said terms on the web site of or

Do bear in mind that you will be the single and sole party responsible for how you use or and its contents. Squalestore, therefore, shall not be liable in cases where this web site and its contents are used in ways that do not conform to applicable laws, except in cases of gross negligence and intentional wrongdoing of squalestore.

More specifically, you will be the single and sole party responsible for information and data that you communicate to us which are inaccurate, false or relating to third parties, when the same have not expressed their consent, and for any unauthorised use thereof. Lastly, Squalestore shall not be liable for any damage deriving from inaccessibility to the services on the web site or any damage caused by viruses, damaged files, errors, omissions, service shutdowns, deletion of contents, problems with the internet, providers or phone and/or electronic connections, unauthorized accesses, data alterations, failed and/or defective operation of the user’s own electronic equipment.

The user is responsible for properly storing and using his personal data, including the credentials which enable access to reserved services, and for any damage or loss caused to squalestore or third parties as a result of inappropriate use, loss or misappropriation of the said information.

1. Privacy Policy

Please read carefully the Privacy Policy shown on or, applicable when users access or and use the related services, without purchasing any products.

2. Intellectual property rights

The contents of or, such as, for example, the images, photographs, dialogues, texts, videos, documents, drawings, pictures, logos and any other material, whatever the format, published on or are protected under copyright and intellectual property rights of squalestore and other title-holders. Reproduction, either wholly or partly, in any form, of or and its contents, without the written consent of squalestore, is prohibited. Squalestore has sole title to authorize or prohibit the direct or indirect reproduction, temporary or permanent, in whatever form or manner, whether wholly or partly, of or and its contents. With regard to using or, you are only authorized to visualise the web site and the contents thereof.

3. Trademarks and domain names

Squale Srl has sole title to “ or” which is configured as the official online store of Squale Srl.

4. Links to other web sites or may contain hypertext links (the “links”) to other web sites which are not under the control of or or Squale Srl. Squalestore carries out no checks nor does it monitor the said web sites and their contents. Squalestore shall not be liable for the contents of these sites and the rules adopted by the same, including vis-à-vis privacy and the processing of personal data, as you navigate these sites.

We therefore ask you to be careful when you link up to these web sites, via the links present on or and to read their conditions of use and privacy regulations carefully. You are therefore reminded that these General Conditions of Use and the Privacy Policy of or is not applicable to web sites managed other than by Squale Srl. or provides links to other web sites for the sole purpose of assisting its users in the search and navigation and to facilitate hypertext links to other web sites on the internet. The activation of links requires no recommendation or notice by squalestore for accessing and navigating on these web sites, nor does it require any guarantees as to their contents, services or goods provided or sold to internet users.

5. Links to or

Any person wishing to activate links to the home page and other web pages of or, which are publicly accessible, is kindly asked to contact squalestore at the following e-mail address: The contact is required for the activation of the request for consent to the hypertext link to or Link activation is granted by squalestore to the applicant, free of change and on a non-exclusive basis. Squalestore has a right to object to the activation of direct links to its web site, if the applicant intending to activate the link to or, has in the past engaged in unfair commercial practices or practices  not conforming to the sector-specific standards or unfair competition vis-à-vis squalestore or any of its suppliers or when squalestore should fear that such conduct may be adopted, in future, or again, if the applicant has in the past engaged in activities discrediting squalestore, its web site or its services or, when it should be feared that such conduct may be adopted in future. In any event, activation of deep hypertext links to or (such as deep frames or deep links) is prohibited as is the unauthorised use of meta-tags, without the consent of squalestore.

6. Content Notice

Whilst Squalestore makes every effort to avoid that on its web contents scenes or topics be published which describe or represent physical or psychological violence such as may be considered defamatory or inappropriate for or users, their convictions or beliefs, human rights and generally, the dignity of individuals, in any form or expression, it cannot give any warranty that such contents will be appropriate or lawful in other countries, outside Italy.

However, if the said contents should be considered as unlawful or inappropriate in some of these countries, we ask that you avoid accessing our web site and where, instead, you should choose to do so, you are informed that you shall be personally responsible for any use you make of the services provided by or Squalestore has also taken every precaution to ensure that the contents on or are accurate and up to date at the time of publication on the web site, and will use reasonable endeavours to ensure such accuracy is maintained in future.